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Saturday, 30 March 2013

How should you watch a movie?

Many people throw themselves in front of the TV and and watch a movie or any other program in the most unhealthy ways.
1. Some people stay in bed, others with basket cookies or popcorn in lap, others upside down .. and finally .. thousands of wrong ways.
Watch a film  in lying position and head up on a pillow is dangerous for health.

Man must stand long bed only in this three conditions:

    - sleeps
    - ill
    - died

Sitting in bed more than is need your body gets used (wrongly) with the horizontal position, the spine will weaken its strength, blood flow is turned upside down. Those who watch TV in lying position not be surprised that her back hurts or they anemia (especially dizziness when standing up).
2. Puting donuts, seeds, nuts, popcorn, cookies, wafers, or any other food beside you in time to watch a movie is a terrible mistake. Why? First, you will not understand the film because attention will be distracted by the activity in question (food), and secondly because when you are somewhat absorbed by the film you will consume much more food than usual amount.
For obese people is totally forbidden to do any other activity while eating!

Simple questions require simple answers. This site is meant to be a positive response to this need.

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