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Saturday, 9 November 2013

What is the correct seating position?

Stay as little time in the chair , if possible within 10 to 15 minutes then take a short break ;
    When you sit on a chair just use a back lumbar support;
    Your hips and knees should form a right angle (use a stool if necessary) . Your legs should not be crossed , feet should stay flat on the floor ;
    When not using a pillow in the back seat because is no backrest , try to define curve leaning back slightly with your abdomen forward and hold this position for a few seconds . Return to the starting position little by little ( about 10 ° ) . This is a great position for sitting ;
    Use chairs with backrest and armrest . Sitting on a couch or soft chair acts on the back will not stand tall and back curvature is not preserved .

At work , adjust the seat height so that you stay comfortable without being leaning.

    Your shoulders should be relaxed , elbows and arms should stay at your sides, relaxed seat or desk support ;
    If you use roller chairs will not twist at the waist . If you want to turn , turn your whole body ;
    When rising from the sitting position , move forward in front of the seat. Raise your first heading will tilt your feet and avoid the waist .
Simple questions require simple answers. This site is meant to be a positive response to this need.

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