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Monday, 14 October 2013

Why do I blog?

Blogging is all the rage, is an industry, a lifestyle, a job, a sharing of personal opinions, and more.
Some people have made a blog, dozens of other blogs. Some pleasure sriu others for money, write some personal views on others copy others, some have made a blog a true portal of news and useful information, others have filled pages with pictures and videos blog each as thought fit.
Why do you blog? Well you must be the one to answer this question. Want to make a difference in the online world to know you, or maybe you want to make some money. It is your problem, but you should know some things before you start:
  • It’s easy to do wrong, to criticize, to blame, to give the stone. But you too can and hit. If you want to do something online you should keep a decent vocabulary, not hate racial, ethnic or religious, do not use pornography, etc..
  • If you want to be respected you have to respect. Bloggers comment on their blogs each other, trying to fai and do the same thing, but get to the point, because spam comments will be punished in time. Plus, whatever you commented remain there, so watch what you say in the comments.
  • If you exchange link, be honest, do not steal like others. For some put links to other blogs and I see that they have received and they in turn link you delete the one that offered a window. This is immoral.
  • Want to be as good as indexed by the search engines, you find anyone, then grab and write as much, because success does not come overnight. And write quality not just quantity.
  • And another thing, try to discover yourself what to do with a blog, or why did you make one!
Simple questions require simple answers. This site is meant to be a positive response to this need.

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