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Monday, 14 October 2013

What is the deepest communication?

In a book of Psychology Applied, written in layman’s terms, we found the following expression:
Sex is the highest stage of communication between two people of the opposite sex.
Very nicely said, but not necessarily true. For most school psychologists have not done that for nothing, and they know exactly what to say to please the crowd, buyers.
The practice has proved that the highest stage of love is unselfishness, and this can occur both between individuals and between foreign known.
Communication between people is both verbal and nonverbal, and studies have proven that verbal is too small a percentage of interpersonal communication. It is said that: a picture is worth a thousand words, and a thought a thousand pictures. Sex may not be the highest communication because in very few cases people having sex just really love their sex partners, so …..
Faith, however, is another story. Faith can not enter into certain patterns, each individual sees faith differently. But regardless of the point of view of everyone, faith is beyond what we see and feel physically beyond matter. And I do not see how sex might go beyond the limitations of the flesh, matter.
In history there have been millions of martyrs for their faith, a faith different from the majority or the occupation forces. Millions of people have preferred to lose everything, including life, in the name of faith, a supreme ideal. Apostle Stephen said: “I see the heavens opened and the Son of God ……”. But how to get people to believe something you do not see? How can we trust a total illusion? Probably not even the illusion of illusion, because in prayer God communicates with man and the communication involves a relationship.
Simple questions require simple answers. This site is meant to be a positive response to this need.

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