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Monday, 14 October 2013

Muscle mass or fiber?

I know a boy (male – 30 years) gets its great showing Arnold, or almost. It has a body with muscles all went well in relief. And sometimes are somewhat jealous of him, but not always.
He ‘works’ muscles at the gym, and shoot the ‘beasts’ in a certain way, not in despair, but it scheduled. Today makes exercises for biceps and abdomen, legs and ……. tomorrow for, because I did not understand very well, I never bothered to understand. The idea is that I asked:

-If you come along to the gym after a year of training so I can have muscles?
But he gave me an answer that did not sit well at all:
Pumping iron-nothing if you do not follow a specific diet and do not help the body with creatine and some other substances.
Terrible! To stick in me all kinds of chemicals?
One day I was at a buddy to help him to download a cement truck, because this friend was to pour some concrete in the front yard. And believe? He with his tired muscles in the middle of the truck, and I am a man without muscles Arnold did the challenge with flying colors. Why? For that and I’m ‘playing’ with difficulties, not the gym but at home, but I do it naturally, without chemicals, proteins, and other stuff, I do not fiber mass and fiber mass beat.
Simple questions require simple answers. This site is meant to be a positive response to this need.

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